Ten secrets about Isla Mujeres in a nutshell
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Ten secrets about Isla Mujeres in a nutshell

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Learn ten secrets about Isla Mujeres in a nutshell. Isla Mujeres is a famous Mexican island in the Caribbean sea, 6 kilometers off the coast of Cancun. The trip by catamaran from Cancun usually takes about 45 minutes. Moreover, Isla Mujeres is one of the safest Caribbean islands. Are you interested in experiencing the Caribbean culture? Let me tell you more about it. Explore other places in Mexico as well.

How to get to Isla Mujeres? 

In fact, to get to Isla Mujeres, book a flight to Cancun, Mexico. Many well-known airlines operate flights to Cancun International Airport. That’s the airport closest to the island of Isla Mujeres. I have been able to find cheap flights to Cancun many times, and I was surprised by how little I paid. Use well-known flight search engines like SkyscannerFly4freeor Expedia to find the best flights. Cancun airport has a dense network of flights from the US. From NYC to Cancun will take just over four hours.  

In addition, from the airport in Cancun, you have three options to get to the Puerto Juarez Ferry Terminal, from where you will take the Ultramar ferry to Isla Mujeres. The first option is by bus, airport van or private car. 

Ten secrets about Isla Mujeres in a nutshell

Cancun airport transportation

Finally, you’ll find yourself in the arrivals area upon arrival in Cancun. You’ll probably notice drivers holding distinctive placards with passengers’ names. Cancun airport transportation works well. If you have purchased a ride from one of these companies, look carefully for your driver. Otherwise, I recommend taking a bus or cab.

A well-known Autobuses Ado runs from the airport to downtown Cancun. A ticket costs about 5 US dollars, and you can buy it on the carrier’s website. Agents also handled ticket distribution at the airport. You will often see them holding the red logo of the bus company. From downtown Cancun to Puerto Juarez, you can take a cab which will cost only $5. The most economical option is to take the “Ruta 13” bus. 

However, the best option turns out to be private transportation with reservations. That’s the best and most reasonable option for traveling to families and groups. You pay for renting a vehicle instead of paying for each person separately. A tremendous advantage of this solution is saving time. We do not have to wait long for departure. Tickets, both single and round trip, you can purchase online. 

Isla Mujeres Ferry

The Isla Mujeres Ferry terminal in Cancun is located a few minutes from the city center at López Portillo Calle 49, Puerto Juarez, Juárez, 77525 Cancún. Ultramar operates the passenger ferry service.  

Isla Mujeres ferry schedule

For instance, from Puerto Juarez, ferries run between 5:30 am and 11 pm. From Isla Mujeres to Puerto Juarez, from 6am to 12am. A one-way ticket for an adult costs $240MXN, and a round-trip ticket costs $450MXN. Your access allows you to take up to 25kg of luggage with you with an overall dimension of 142cm (45cm + 70cm + 27cm). You can also take the ferry to Isla Mujeres in the hotel zone in Cancun.

Ticket prices are higher there. You can find a detailed price list and ticket types on ultramarferry.com. It is worth buying ferry tickets online. Because the queues at the terminal are often long and you will have to be patient. It is best to arrive on the ferry one hour before departure.

You can also take a rental car to the island by ferry. That is not always a good idea. Isla Mujeres is a small island with limited parking. The best way to get around the island is by foot, bike, or golf cart. If you decide to transport your car to the island, you will need to use the car ferry located a few minutes away from Puerto Juarez. 

From the Cancun hotel zone 

As I mentioned earlier, Ultramar ferries run from the Cancun hotel zone. Likewise, you can sail from there from Playa Tortugas, El Embarcadero, and Playa Caracol. You can find the ferry schedule at ultramar.com.

Isla Mujeres Weather 

The island is in a tropical climate. Without a doubt, the weather in Isla Mujeres is usually excellent. If you fan hot weather and high humidity, this place will be perfect. The average temperature is above 80°F (26.6°C). The summer months are the hottest and most humid. Correspondingly, hurricane season in the Caribbean runs from June to November.

It is usually cooler here in the winter months than in the summer. That can be an exciting trade-off between hotter and cooler seasons. Because of the Norte front, the winter months are windy, muggy, and with the best visibility. Besides, you often won’t part with a sweater and jacket during this time. The best time to visit the island is from late January to early May and late November to late December. This time is conducive to all activities and sports on the beach. 

Isla Mujeres beaches

Like any self-respecting island, Isla Mujeres offers some great beaches to enjoy a day of swimming and sunbathing. Without a doubt, these are the best beaches in Isla Mujeres:

  • Playa Norte: it is considered one of the best beaches in this region of Mexico. We were a little disappointed, it is true that the postcard of crystal clear waters, white sand, and coconut trees fills it perfectly, but the number of people and resorts a few meters from the coast take away some of the charms. Nevertheless, it is worth visiting, especially at sunset. Access is free.
  • Lancheros Beach: this is a relatively large beach, where you will find several clubs with restaurants and bars. It is also quite crowded, so we recommend you come there to drink or eat. We did this at the restaurant Playa Lancheros / La casa el Tikinxik, ceviches for 180 pesos (huge), and the house specialty fish Tikinxikla for 290 pesos for two people (it takes about 40 minutes to be served). Access to the beach is free.
  • Playa Garrafón: next to the national park of the same name (where zip lines and other adventure activities have been installed) is the Garrafón de Castilla beach club. If you want to use their facilities, including sunbeds, the price is 100 pesos per person. The beach is relatively small, and the sand is not very fine, but you will be amazed when you get into the water. It’s an excellent place to snorkel, with hundreds of fish next to the sand! If you don’t have your goggles, they rent them here for 50 pesos.

Isla Mujeres, all-inclusive resorts

Isla Mujeres Palace All Inclusive Resort

That’s a small but well-appointed hotel on a little-known island. However, Isla Mujeres Palace is a proposal directed only to couples. This luxurious 4-star resort is in the southern part of the island and is surrounded by white sand beaches. It is an ideal option for couples on a romantic getaway. Feel luxurious while enjoying the whirlpool tub in your room or having dinner on the beach at sunset! This adult-only hotel has a peaceful and unique atmosphere. The hotel staff operates 24 hours a day.

Zoetry Villa Rolandi Isla Mujeres Cancun

Zoetry Villa Rolandi is currently the most desirable and luxurious all-inclusive hotel on Isla Mujeres. The service is top-notch – warm and welcoming, highly professional and efficient. That is the best staff I have ever seen. Importantly, the food is excellent, the fish and pasta dishes. Don’t miss the special tasting menu nights at the resort’s other restaurant on the weekends. Don’t miss out on the free sunset cruise. It was fantastic. The room was comfortable and clean, and the view was amazing!

Privilege Aluxes Isla Mujeres

Inspire your well-being and experience a Caribbean paradise. Discover Privilege Aluxes Isla Mujeres, a Caribbean beach resort, on Isla Mujeres. Undoubtedly, simplicity characterizes this hotel and offers a balance between modernity and island charm. It is a quiet place, and I recommend it to adults. At Privilege Aluxes, you will recharge yourself with new life energy.

This place is perfect for stressed people. You will forget about passaging time while relaxing on the two white-sand beaches or diving into one of the outdoor pools. The hotel offers exceptional flexibility for the all-inclusive package. Hotel guests can choose this formula for as many days or as many days of stay as they wish. That gives you the flexibility to enjoy Caribbean cuisine. All-inclusive packages operate in all four restaurants and the bar. However, you will pay extra for top-shelf alcohol and lobster.

Guests not on the all-inclusive formula can still count on a complimentary breakfast buffet and free minibars in their rooms. In addition, guests also have access to the spa and mini gym. Don’t miss the only opportunity to explore the underwater and unique underwater world at Isla Mujeres. The hotel offers the chance to refresh in the clear turquoise waters while actively engaging in snorkeling and scuba diving.

Mia Reef Isla Mujeres

The Mia Reef Hotel is on a private island, which is the northern tip of Isla Mujeres. The hotel is connected by a footbridge and surrounded by water on all sides. In this case, tourists love the location of this resort, the unique atmosphere, and the private beach. If you decide to purchase an all-inclusive plan at this hotel, you get total freedom to enjoy all the amenities included in the program. The all-inclusive project consists of the main restaurant, snack bars, liquor bars, a sports bar, and a nightclub.

You’ll also have bike rentals, snorkeling equipment, kayaks, and a kids’ club. The hotel has 156 air-conditioned rooms. All arranged in Mexican style. Some rooms have a terrace with a jacuzzi and kitchenettes.

Ten secrets about Isla Mujeres in a nutshell

Isla Mujeres Restaurants

Prices for meals at Isla Mujeres restaurants may vary. For example, the average cost of food on Isla Mujeres is about $600MXN per day. According to the information I gathered and my own experience, a meal should cost around $250MXN. Breakfast is usually cheaper than lunch and dinner. Below I have compiled a list of restaurants worth eating.

Javi’s Cantina

This restaurant is in the heart of Isla Mujeres. You notice that its interior reminds you of island style. Los Tacos serves the best tacos on this Caribbean island. The menu is hugely energetic and prepared daily with fresh and local ingredients. Whether you eat in or order delivery, know that you will remember your meal for a long time.

Pizza &…a more 

Do you want to enjoy an Italian pizza on Isla Mujeres prepared with a unique recipe? The restaurant is on Hidalgo Avenue. When I ate there, I convinced myself that it was a fantastic place on Isla Mujeres. The owner and staff are very welcoming and helpful people. The pizza I ate was served with fresh ingredients. I ate there for the first but not the last time.


Mahache is an excellent and distinctive Caribbean restaurant on Isla Mujeres. It has a cozy atmosphere, and there is also an art gallery inside. You can enjoy the gallery while you wait for your Caribbean food. This restaurant serves fresh seafood. You will also find meat dishes cooked on the grill, including steaks and burgers. Be sure to try the local hand-brewed beer! You definitely won’t regret it. Honestly, I recommend this place, not only because of the tasty dishes but also because of the family atmosphere, which you can feel every second.

Beachin’ Burrito

This restaurant prepares dishes from a Mexican menu. Do you want to eat fancy steak burritos, buffalo chicken, or chicken tacos? If so, this offer is especially for you. Beachin’ Burrito also serves delicious coffees, lemonades, and squeezed juices. Experience the unique hospitality, be sure to visit this place. The staff will make sure you feel at home with outstanding hospitality. The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor tables.

Mango Cafe

Mango Cafe is a must-visit place to visit during your stay in Isla Mujeres. Find out how good this place is by ordering guacamole and fish tacos! Just how tasty it was made me go back to Mexico! Moreover, I recommend this place if you feel like having breakfast or lunch. Start your day with a breakfast quesadilla. The friendly staff answers all your questions and concerns. The prices are very reasonable. The restaurant closes at 3 pm, so don’t miss that time.

Have you been to Isla Mujeres yet? What other places would you like to visit, or have you stayed in Mexico? Share in the comments!


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Ten secrets about Isla Mujeres in a nutshell

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