The Best Travel Photography Gear For Beginners

The Best Travel Photography Gear For Beginners

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Questions about what travel photography gear I take with me on a trip, and what is useful for beginners – are asked quite often.

I hope that in this post you will find answers, to most of your questions. If I can add anything else to this list, feel free to write, I will update it.

Camera on the go

Panasonic Lumix GH5

As you can read in many places, Panasonic Lumix GH5 is a best mirrorless camera for travel, and very successful compromise at a quite reasonable price. I completely agree with it and I am very pleased with it. It is a mirrorless camera equipped with a Live-Mos matrix. Made in the 4/3 system, with a resolution of 21.77 Mpix.

You can use a mechanical and electronic shutter. The former works in the ISO 200-25600 sensitivity range, when we plan to record photos in RAW.

If you want excellent quality for video and outstanding features of photography. This is your camera.

Lenses for trips

Panasonic Lumix 42.5mm, f/1.8 lens

Depending on the trip and photographic needs, I use Panasonic Lumix G 42.5mm f / 1.7 ASPH (equivalent to 85mm focal length in 35mm format).

It’s a light lens, bright, nice for a street portrait. But if necessary, the rounded seven-blade aperture gives a soft, plastic blur to the background, and the f / 1.7 brightness is perfect for shooting in poor lighting conditions. I like how the camera in combination with it is small, light and inconspicuous.

Example photos made with this lens.

Olympus Zuiko Digital 14-54 mm II, f/2.8-f/3.5 lens

Olympus Zuiko Digital 14-54 mm f / 2.8-3.5 II is always with me. It’s a weather-resistant lens. It offers a standard zoom and a variable aperture from f / 2.8 to f / 3.5.

From wide angle to portrait – without changing the lens. The photos taken with it belong to the vast majority of those that you will find on my website.

In the harsh conditions in which I travel: in sand, snow, dust, frost – no need to change the lens is simply priceless.

Example photos made with this lens.

Tripod and accessories

Filter B+W 67mm 810 ND 3,0  – 10BL  1000x E

The polarizing filter allows you to remove glare from non-metallic surfaces such as water or glass, it allows you to photograph either the water surface or what is underneath it when properly positioned.

The colors become clearer and have greater contrast. It works well when photographing the sky in sunny weather, which is less vivid and the blue is intense when using the filter in the photo.

Manfrotto Compact Advanced Aluminium Tripod with 3 Way Head, Black

I was looking for a tripod that would not be heavy and that I could easily take on a long trip. The choice was straightforward. My choice was the Manfrotto Compact Advanced Aluminum Tripod with 3 Way Head. I didn’t need an advanced tripod for several hundred dollars. What sets this tripod apart is definitely the weight, it only weighs 1.44kg. It is compact and intuitive. Importantly, this tripod is extremely stable. They include a protective case in the set.

GoPro Hero 10 Black

For many years, I have been a fan of small and handy sports cameras. They do what they are supposed to do: record good and trouble-free material. Australian GoPro cameras can record amazing shots, and with each new version we have more and more functions at our disposal that will be useful in our adventures.

Travel Photography Gear

Lowepro Pro Trekker BP 350 AW II Backpack (Black)

After purchasing my camera equipment, I needed a roomy and practical backpack to hold my camera gear. In addition, the choice was hard. I was looking for a backpack whose interior we can configure according to our needs.

Because I travel a lot, I also paid attention to the dimensions, which often turns out to be useful when flying by plane. I appreciate the ability to take a photo backpack as hand luggage. Wanted the backpack not to be heavy, to be made of high quality materials and to be waterproof. I also wanted to take my laptop on my travels. I looked at the websites of brands like LowePro, Manfrotto, Patagonia, and WandRD.

The LowePro Pro Trekker BP 350 AW II appeared to meet my requirements and compromise on price. LowePro is a well-known and respected manufacturer of photo accessories. It was the best purchase. This backpack enchanted me with its capabilities.

The primary advantages include a compartment for a laptop or tablet and a rain cover. After a year of use, I can confidently write that this is a weatherproof photo backpack made of high quality materials. The backpack measures 32 x 25 x 48cm and the camera compartment measures 28 x 15 x 42cm.

A nice bonus also turned out to be the ability to attach a tripod to this backpack, thanks to the SlipLock cup.

DJI Mavic Air 2

After studying dozens of reviews on various blogs and YouTube, my eyes turned to the DJI company. The belief that the best choice for a novice pilot would be the DJI Mavic Air 2 drone was constantly growing in my mind. I have materialized my decision. The photo and film possibilities are at a high level, especially during the day.

There are many modes and options available from the application level that diversify the recorded image and are the starting point for many creative ideas. Add to this good battery times, a long flight range (but not always) and a really solid construction, and we will get a drone in which an amateur like me can fall in love.

Travel Photography Gear

SKROSS World Travel Adapter 2x USB

I regularly travel, so having a good adapter is important as it stops issues with packing the right adapter.

You can charge an AC plug, along with two usbs, meaning a laptop and two smaller devices like a phone or iPad will work very well. Handy for sitting in the airport or meetings. Or for charging both your own and your travel companions’ phones from a single socket.

A small red light lets you know it is working, not too bright to be distracting, but a good sign that it is working. It has replaced all my other adapter plugs because of its versatility and convenience.

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Travel Photography Gear

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